The truth.

I have no purpose, i don’t do anything with my life that helps anyone, no one needs me, i’m no ones important person.  I’m that person that everyone likes but no one cares enough to try and help. But then i don’t ever let anyone know i need help so its not their fault. I cant be 100% truthful with anyone. I can never trust anyone totally and I don’t see that its ever going to change.

I don’t know what i need to say to fix me. But there must be something because i’m so tired of feeling like this its physically draining.  I just feel sad all the time but sad is an understatement. I ask myself multiple times a day “am i worthy to be alive as i’m just wasting my life”.

I’m ashamed of myself as a person, i don’t understand why i feel like this when people have much greater difficulties but cope better. I feel like i have no purpose and i’m tired of constantly fighting the feeling of worthlessness when in actual fact i think if i wasn’t here it wouldn’t make a difference.



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