Two Things. Horrible and Amazing.

I did two things today. One was horrible and the other amazing.

The horrible.

I went for my first appointment with my real psychologist. and instead of coming away hating it and never wanting to go back i came away really worried that she wasnt going to be able to help me because she needs to talk to her supervisor because they are supposed to be there when there is one main event to focus on when i really have 2 and a half incidents! I wont go into it know, thats for another time because i actually feel strangely content right now.

The amazing.

I went to my first hockey training session in 2 years since my injury and i didnt hurt myself! Just to whack balls about a pitch for an hour resulted in me being happier than i have been for months. Its amazing what different sports do to the endorphin’s because when i run/cycle or go to the gym it doesnt feel as good as this. It feels like im on a high. I think potentially just because of the contrast to my morning but i dont mind. I enjoyed it and i havent enjoyed something for ages.

I think when it sinks in tomorrow what C (shrink) said i will not feel as amazing. But im not thinking about that know. Im focusing on how much fun i had!


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