Letter to hospital.

Please don’t record anything in my notes, but it is ok to share in confidence if you think necessary. I get a but anxious with the whole general anaesthetic thing. I am a drug assault victim so ‘going to sleep’ and waking up in a totally new place with new people about is not my favourite thing! I wanted the most subtle was of saying its not quite as easy for me as it may be for some people. I will most likely be fine but i just thought id mention it. I just like to know whats going on. And i don’t know if its possible but id really like to wear shorts under my gown until the op. Please especially don’t mention it to whomever comes to collect me after the surgery.


This is exactly what I wrote in a note I eventually gave a nurse on the ward I was in. It was a very difficult thing to do but i think it made me feel better.  It was more difficult my nurse was a man! Just thought that there was nowhere for me to look for advice online so if this can help anyone else then its worth the difficulty.


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