Not numb.

So i had my mouth surgery a few days ago now. I still cant eat or talk properly and my tongue has started going tingly but hopefully thats fine! I kept the letter I wrote to the nurse to explain why I freak out so much about a general anaesthetic. I want to share it because there isn’t much about my particular situation online! But i will share that tomorrow.

Today i want to talk about something else. I’ve been worried recently because I feel like i’m falling down the slippery slope again. I seem to isolate myself and then even when i’m with people i feel worse. Today i spent the majority of the afternoon playing with my 9 yr old brother and his friends. For the first time in a long time i had a good day.

Maybe because there is no shit with kids. Its one way and one way only. They cant see anything else. They don’t want to boast about how well they are doing at life, they just want to play football and skateboard. Its refreshing when the world reverts to kids playing in the sun in the street. Its somehow peaceful, it makes you feel like the world is right again. And after a very stressful week it just made me exhale a bit and relax. And rather than numb i feel relaxed.


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