Unsuccessful first shrink meet.

So i saw the shrink i have been referred to a few days ago.

I was really scared before i went in and i think she could tell.

Safe to say i really didn’t enjoy the experience! It was annoying really. She was nice, i think she realised i find things difficult to talk about. So they ask was there a moment you think that started of the shit and i say yes. I tell her about the L thing. But as soon as you mention anything like that, anything like trauma they thing ptsd. Which i’m very sure i don’t have! Its not the event that still affects me know its how it actually changed how i look at the world. Because i’m more cautious and less trusting its changed how much i enjoy life.

She asked questions in a way that i was left feeling like someone had just taken of a bandage and left the wound all out in the open, in the air. Obviously she has now referred me to someone else! Classic that i just get passed about from person to person.

I think at this moment in time what i’m really lacking is direction in life.  I am currently no use to the world and i really don’t like that feeling. I feel so insignificant.



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