Difficult Days

I’ve been having some difficult days recently. I’m stranded at home because i cant walk much. Im not really doing very much and spend most of my time watching stupid things on the tv. Which to be honest i don’t really want to watch!

I seeing my real shrink in a few days so im a bit scared of that! Also the fact i have to get my rents to drive me there so ive said i have physio but then of course i actually was given a real physio 3 days later so i don’t know how i am going to explain that!

Still very much feeling numb at the moment. I saw A today but i feel like now when i see her i have less to say because i cant see any improvement. It feels like im giving up a bit. I’m seeing her next week to talk about how it went with the real shrink so that’s my aim. Just need to keep going to tell her how it went. Plod along.



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