A little present.

Today i got a parcel out of the blue. It was from a friend i was at uni with who i haven’t seen since June and i haven’t really spoken to since June. She recently sent me a message asking how id been because i seemed to drop of the grid. Please bear in mind she was my best friend at uni and i lived with her for two years!

She had knitted me a small bunny in a blue jumper and sent it to me to ‘look after me after my operation’ (that’s a story for a different time). Just this small act of kindness made me feel loved, emotional but also sad. Sad that i hadn’t spoken to her, that i hadn’t caught up with her recently.

I’ve been thinking about myself and how bad i feel, maybe i forgot to talk to others for their sake not for mine. I don’t want to be a burden to my friends but i think i have taken it a step further as now i barely talk to anyone.

I think from now on i’m going to try and talk to my friends more, not about me but just to see that they are OK.

That’s a good aim for this week.

I’m feeling content tonight, which all things considered is a good thing.



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