The friendly shrink.

I did something stupid about a month ago. I sent a text to the wrong person. Who incidentally is a shrink.  I look after her kids on the odd occasion and i see her about at school and the local area. She knows that i am not doing amazingly. She has offered to chat to me to see if she can help me with any information or if i just need a chat. She is lovely and we get along really well. She is the kinda person that you wish you could swap for your own mum sometimes!

But i’m not sure if it’s a good idea to talk to her. I don’t want her to feel she has to talk to me and i don’t want to say too much or the wrong thing so it affects our relationship. I think she would be a really good person to talk to and on one hand i really want to but i don’t want her to think differently off me or then to read into everything too much. I don’t know what anyone else would do in the same situation?

I also don’t want to take advantage of her kindness, she is already a really busy lady. I don’t think she really has the time anyway. I’m just being selfish really. I just want someone to tell me what i have to do to fix me.


One thought on “The friendly shrink.

  1. If you’ve known her for a long time and you think you can trust her, go for it. Try open up, if anything it’s going to help. She’s probably busy with other stuff, but you’re a human and your well being is more important than the stuff she’s busy with. I can assure you on that front.


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