Morning Light

I used to find it very difficult to get and out of bed. Id just lay there and spend ages trying to think of reasons why i didn’t need to get up. There have been days before where i have snoozed my alarm for hours, thinking there is no point in getting up. The morning darkness doesn’t help. When its dark it feels like the day hasn’t started yet. And who is going to realize anyway. I have no reason to get up, no friends to meet up with or classes to get to.

When it started to get light it got easier.  And one night I set my alarm for 6.30 and really promised myself i would be out of bed before seven. You always see people in films who have such productive mornings. They get up go for a run, shower, tidy and get a lovely breakfast ready. I don’t have that will power. Unfortunately i live in a dump so i just hide away in my room most of the time when the others are around.  So this one morning when my alarm went of at 6.30 i decided to get up. Id slept with the curtains open so the natural light was flowing in which helps massively. It was a lovely sunny morning and all the others in the house were still sleeping. I like it when i’m the only one up, it means i don’t have to deal with anyone else. And that early morning i got dressed in sports clothes, had a drink and went downstairs and sat in the sun room stretching. I must have been in there for about 2 hours stretching and doing some exercises.

Then i just lay there with the sun streaming through. It was a lovely feeling. Just being in warmth and light made me forget about everything else, i wanted to stay in that moment. It felt like i had been there for hours but it wasn’t even nine yet. It was the best start to the day i have every had. And i promised myself that i would get up early every morning and try and do the same. I’m not saying i’m successful every day, but i sleep with the curtains open and am awake at 7 every morning i get out of bed and just do little things enjoying the quiet and the peace and the light. And it helps. It makes me feel like i can do something with my day and not just waste it. It makes me feel like i accomplish something before lunch!!

I seriously recommend to anyone who has a tough time, who cant find a reason to get out of bed, to just try it once. Set an early alarm, force yourself to get out of bed, go somewhere light and play some gentle music or in silence other than outside noise, just sit and stretch out release the tension inside your body and feel the sun on your face. The beginning of the day is so important, it sets you up for whats to come. You may as well enjoy those sun rays on your face before all the sh*t starts.


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