The Start.

I always wonder if everyone’s brain works the same as mine. There is so much noise in my head, rarely ever is it just peacefully quiet. But then I’m going to contradict myself because sometimes its just empty. And there is a difference between quiet and empty.

I thought maybe just putting it out there would allow me to express what is inside. Not so everyone else would know but so I could know. I tried to find a blog that was just truthful and raw, so I could read it and see how others got on with life. Failing at that I thought I may as well write what I would like to have read somewhere else.

I’m not saying I’m ill, I’m saying I struggle and I wonder if its just me that struggles. When others find everyday life so easy it makes me think that I am ill, but not really ill just different. Unless I’m just weak. It doesn’t even seem right saying ill. If someone came up to me and said they were ill with depression I would accept it straight away. But I wont accept it from me. I wouldn’t see it as a weakness in others but I do in me. And I don’t want to but I don’t know how to change that.


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